Stempien Mediation

What We Do

Honorable Jeanne Stempien, (Ret.) mediates disputes involving complex commercial and business litigation, construction, technology, class action, general civil, medical malpractice, employment discrimination, general tort and premises liability, property, first and third party auto and Insurance Umpire.

State of The Art Mediation TechnologyMediation and Arbitration services are also available for all domestic relations cases whether simple or complex, especially those involving financial/business issues. Honorable Jeanne Stempien, (Ret.) is certified by the National Judicial College in Evaluation of Financials and Mediation. She was the former presiding Judge of the Business Court and former Family Division Judge.

How We Do It

Mediation is a process where a neutral third party facilitates a negotiation between parties to a dispute. The mediator is not aligned with a party, favors neither side and is uncommitted to any particular outcome or result. If a facilitative, joint session process is selected, the parties will at least start in the same room, moving to private meetings with the mediator only for specific purposes.

Arbitration is a voluntary undertaking by those involved in the dispute. Arbitration is a process of Alternate Dispute Resolution involving a single arbitrator or a panel of three arbitrators. Whether it is a panel of one or three, the decision, except in rare circumstances, is binding on the parties.

Our Vision

No two disputes are alike. No single model or style of mediation offers the best process in every case. It is important to match mediators and mediation models to each individual case, selecting an approach tailored to your individual needs and your specific concerns.

A mediator and an arbitrator are bound to follow the rules of ethics that govern the processes. It is the goal of Stempien Mediation to provide a comfortable, confidential environment for parties to resolve their differences, whatever the means of alternate dispute resolution your choose.

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